Thursday April 7   A Day


Tuesday’s Random Act of Kindness: Give yourself permission to put your feet up and breathe deeply.

State Theatre @ Salem Hills High School


Friday April 8   B Day


Friday’s Random Act of Kindness: Talk to someone new.

State Theatre @ Salem Hills High School

Baseball  Richfield @ CV  VAR 3:30, JV 6:00

Baseball  Richfield @ CV @ City Field (DH) FR/SOPH 3:30, 6:00

Softball  Grand @ CV  VAR 3:30, JV 5:30



There will be a send-off for our Drama team going to state.  If you can please bring your classes to the east side of the school TODAY at 1:00.  Thank you!!!


The Utah Tech scholarship is due TOMORROW, April 8. If you have any questions please reach out to Morgan Webb.


S.O.A.R. (Book Club) will be held Tuesday, April 19th during flex, in the library.  This will be the last Book Club meeting for this school year.


Have you purchased your yearbook yet? Get your yearbook today: books are selling out fast and the price goes up to $70 on April 25th. If you're not sure if you already purchased a yearbook, check the list outside of Ms. Smith's classroom.


Feel Good Fridays are April 8th and April 29th.  Join us for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Mindful snacks provided.  April 29th is the last "Feel Good Friday" for this school year.


Seniors! Morgan’s FAFSA raffle will be extended throughout the month of April. If you have completed FAFSA you will get two entries for the raffle. You will also get one entry for each scholarship that you have completed and can prove that you completed. You have to stop by her office (right next to the library) in order to get any entries for the raffle. Check the CVHS counseling Instagram page for each week’s prizes! Good Luck!